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3443 Finch Avenue East,
Suite # 304,
Toronto, ON, M1W2S1

Phone : 416 855 4376, 416 834 9768.

Email: info@icta.ca

Website: www.icta.ca

Indo Canada Trade Alliance was set up to facilitate the growing trend of Indians and Canadians seeking to build trade affiliations and partnerships with each other. ICTA taps into the vast and unique business expertise across both nations, and facilitates promotion of products, services and organizations as a whole. In recent days, Canada has been recognized as being a stable economy and continues to be safe haven for investors and professionals, whilst several G 8 nations have been struggling to withstand economic and political instabilities. Likewise, India with its booming economic undercurrent and a growing middle class that is slowly replacing the marginalized, has also demonstrated stability and sustenance in the economic sectors. ICTA’s efforts to recognize, promote and uphold emerging and growing industry requirements, thereby sharing its knowledge base and expertise with its affiliates and networks, has proven to be purposeful and prudent.
One of the most important tasks of ICTA has been to closely monitor and evaluate businesses and Government frameworks to compare and assess proposed economic outcomes, deliverables, competence and capacity utilization to better understand trade programs and policies, and then facilitate strategies to address economic interdependence, profitability, equitability and human rights.

ICTA has thus built a comprehensive resource databases for information exchange and stewardship models for business operations and knowledge transfer that are both functional and self-directed. ICTA helps to identify champions or go-getters that believe in collaborative teamwork, and like to attain measurable outcomes. Market research and communication prompts the organization to involve in brainstorming, analyzing, synthesizing, conceiving and developing creative and measurable outputs such as people-centered knowledge networks, functional life and learning skills and program development initiatives; All these to justify long term positive impacts. ICTA will facilitate the implementation of policy and task procedures and evaluate results on an ongoing basis to maintain inclusiveness.
Business meet will be organized soon
for the delegates of both the countries
Business meet will be organized soon for the delegates of both the countries, for the growth of any existing business, seeking information on new ventures and contacts. Govt support, benefit and awareness for the related work with the law and procedures details on any particular business will be discussed and details will be made available. This meet has been decided to be held in both the countries. 
For Further Information and Clarification please contact on
Phone numbers 9699696699 and 9702446699 (INDIA) and 0014168349768 (CANADA).
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